Tuesday, August 01, 2006

While reading an article published In The Hot Zone, i noticed that people can comment on it in a forum like manner... after reading some of the comments, i felt compelled to reply as below. Feel free to join the discuss at this link.

You people are discussing this as if its some sort of game... i would really like to see how you would survive in such conditions. Regardless of political affiliations, religions or otherwise... where is your humanity? God is one! Be you Christian, Muslim or Jew! and all three religions advocate compassion, love and mercifulness!!!! how can you talk 'strategies' and 'weeding' when you see children lying dead on the streets with their guts spilled out? how can you even contemplate that this war would accomplish anything except increase hatred between different cultures, nations and religions, increase racism and highten the threat of yet more terrorism in the world? how can you even think for one second that this will remain limited to destroying Lebanon and not spill over internationally with more tragic results? Do you even know what is Lebanon? Our beautiful biblical land of 'milk and honey' ... Lebanon is one of the most divers country of the world, harboring a majority from the Christian community as well as Muslims and Druze. Although reputed to be middle eastern, it is located on the Mediterranean sea with beautiful seashores, high green mountains and fertile valleys. Our people are the most hospitable of the world and speak perfect Lebanese, perfect French and more than perfect English if not even more languages. Our education levels are of the most advanced in the world and we have contributed with brainpowers in all fields with international recognition. We look like you with light complexion and even blonde hair and colored eyes. Our women are the most beautiful women in the world. Currently over 8 millions Human Beings (and i stress on Human Beings) in the country of Lebanon are suffering in one form or another. How can you even think that ANYTHING justifies committing an act of war or the horror of having to live through one? You have no idea what it is like to be in a war zone and are only spitting theories and pretending to be knowledgable. You would not survive one day in such conditions for you would be shitting in your pants. The Lebanese people are a proud nation who has survived many aggressions before with exemplary courage and dignity. I pity you, for you have lost all humanity and are governed only by hate and greed. I suggest you start by dissociating Hezballah from the Lebanon people, for one does NOT mean the other.

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