Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Act For Lebanon

Help "Act for Lebanon" Provide Shelters for Diplaced Families
July 31, 2006

Viewing the crisis in which Lebanon is passing through, and after more than 915,000 persons were displaced from their homes. Act for Lebanon is undertaking a project to provide temporary houses for these families while their own houses are being rebuild. Help "Act for Lebanon" providing these shelters for our families by donating through our website. You will receive information about all the news of this project accordingly.

"Act for Lebanon" was born from the individual initiatives of Lebanese who believe in acting for a better Lebanon is more constructive than just talking about its better future.

"Act for Lebanon" is now a US registered (tax-exempt) foundation, and an active association (non governmental organization) registered in Lebanon.


  • Support exceptional talents in the belief that they are both ambassadors for Lebanon abroad as well as role models for our youth
  • Sponsor worthy selective events that contribute to enhancing the image of Lebanon as a progressive country dedicated to development and change
  • Dedicated to Education for Life through supporting research and development and by helping improve school infrastructure in those areas that need them most

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