Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jezzine: City of Falls

Jezzine (also spelled Jizzin) is a town in Lebanon, located 22 km (14 mi) from Sidon and 40 km (25 mi) south of Beirut. Surrounded by mountain peaks, pine forests, and at an average altitude of 950 m (3,117 ft). The town is also famous in Lebanon for its production of handmade, traditional cutlery and daggers with decorative inlays as well as the shrine of Our Lady of the Waterfall.

The name, Jezzine, derives from the Aramaic (Syriac) word, meaning "depot" or "store". Many historians believe that Jezzine served as a storing location for traders because of its strategic location on the caravan route that connected the ancient port city of Sidon to the Chouf, the Beqaa Valley, and to Syria. The Australian 7th Division, with British and Free French forces, supported by the Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Australian Navy, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, fought for Jezzine against Vichy French forces in 1941.


  • Jezzine's Waterfalls, some as high as 90 m (295 ft)
  • Our Lady of the Waterfall, a Marian shrine
  • The 400 years old Kanaan Family Palace
  • The Chir cliff that offers panoramic views of the forested mountains and one of Jezzine's waterfalls that drops 90 m over the cliff.
  • The Grotto of Fakhreddin II
The inhabitants of Jezzine are mainly followers of the Catholic Church (Maronite and Greek Melkite). The Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is celebrated on August 15 of each year with grand religious and cultural festivities. The Jezzine Summer Festival where Lebanon's top pop artists perform attracts hundreds of people each summer. The Jezzine Public Library was built in 1960 and underwent extensive refurbishment and reorganization in 2004. The production of pine nuts is the main agriculture product of Bkessine, the neighbor of Jezine, as this village has the largest pine field in the middle east. Jezzine is internationally renowned for its handcrafted knives and other cutlery, made of inlaid mosaics and bone. The unique cutlery has been presented as gifts to dignitaries all over the world as a unique memento of Lebanon. Jezzine is South Lebanon's primary summer resort. It is rich in natural beauty, featuring pine-forested valleys and mountain summits, ponds, and waterfalls. The town is known as the “City of Falls” because of its famous waterfalls, the Jezzine Falls


Tuesday, April 03, 2012

لوحة تذكارية باسم الشهيد وليم حاوي على الحديقة المسماة باسمه في منطقة الرميل

36 years after his martyrdom, a commemorative plaque bearing the name of William Hawi was placed at the park named after him in honor of his services and sacrifices in Rmeil.

Location: Garden of William Hawi, Rmeil
When: Tuesday, 03/04/2012, nine o'clock in the morning.

First arrived on the scene was the issuer of the invitation, his daughter Leila Hawi Zod, followed by:
- The Minister of Telecommunications, Dr. Nicolas Sehnaoui
- The Deputy of the region, Mr. Nadim Gemayel
- Distinguished mayors, and delegations of family and friends.

After the distribution of a brochure summarizing William Hawi, and the fitting of the plaque at the park entrance, his daughter thanked all attendees who came to express their appreciation of the services and sacrifices of the martyr who gave his life for Lebanon, all of Lebanon.

بعد مرور 36 سنة على استشهاده، وضعت لوحة تذكارية باسم الشهيد وليم حاوي على الحديقة المسماة باسمه في منطقة الرميل تكريماً لخدماته و تضحياته.

المكان: حديقة وليم حاوي، الرميل
الزمان: الثلاثاء في 03/04/2012، الساعة التاسعة صباحاً.

اول من وصل الى المكان صاحبة الدعوة، ابنة الشهيد ليلى حاوي ذود، و قد توافد بعد ذلك السادة:
- حضرة وزير الاتصالات، الدكتور نقولا صحناوي
- حضرة نائب المنطقة، الشيخ نديم الجميل
- حضرات المخاتير، و وفود من الاهل و الاصدقاء.

وبعد ان وزعت منشورة موجزة عن وليم حاوي و ثبتت اللوحة التذكارية على مدخل الحديقة، شكرت ابنته الحضور الذي جاء ليعبرعن تقديره لخدمات و تضحيات الشهيد الذي مات من اجل لبنان، كل لبنان.


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