Monday, August 07, 2006

Message from Greenpeace

Dear Supporter,

I would like to start with hoping that this email finds you and your loved ones in good health and safety.

From the fist day of the war, Greenpeace called and still calling for immediate cease-f?re and to stop the violence and the environmental destruction Now! This would enable humanitarian relief aid to reach people in need all around Lebanon, and enables organizations to start assessing the damage, humanitarian and environmental.

During these very hard times for our country, all our thoughts and worries are with the wounded and the displaced and the families of the victims. With hope and working united we will be able to overcome this crisis.

Greenpeace, have offered Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) the use of the Rainbow Warrior for transporting much-needed supplies to Lebanon. The vessel was already in the Mediterranean and has now docked in Larnaca, Cyprus for loading medical supplies. Very few boats are available for sailing to Lebanon as there is little guarantee for safe passage.

This mission is a practical message that we all need to work together and do what we need collectively and individually to rebuild Lebanon. War reflects all aspects of life and because of you and the rest of the Lebanese people, we will be able to deal with the post conflict environmental consequences!

Please visit our website to keep up to date with our activities.

Thank you for your support during those difficult times.

Be Safe,

Houssam Chahine
Development Teamleader in the Arab Region
Greenpeace Mediterranean ? Lebanon
Office: 00961 1 755665
Mobile: 00961 3 756429

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