Sunday, August 13, 2006


Please read the proposed UNSC resolution no. 1701 approved by both the Lebanese and Israeli governments courtesy of

Estimated date for the agreed cease-fire will be tomorrow Monday morning at 8AM. (??) Until than both parties are doing their best to do as much damage to other party as possible... not too long ago we heard a very big explosion caused by 20 air strikes executed on the Beirut Suburbs in only one minute's time.

My questions are... how will this impact our internal politics? how long will we, as a government, stay united before the usual disagreements and bickerings start? how long will we, as a people from different religions and cultures, survive in peace together without clashing now that the unspoken internal bounderies have been eradicated due to the mass displacements? This new population mix is very explosive and will be lethal unless very strong leaderships take control. But do we have such leaderships? Nasrallah is a respected and very strong orator and leader in his community. I fear however that he has no Christian counterpart strong enough and respected enough amongst the majority of the Christian community to be able to fully mitigate and eradicate the problem. Despite the UN resolution and the agreed cessation of the hostilities, the situation is even more dangerous and the results might be even more serious and potentially more fatal than before.

But at least it will be a small reprieve for the humanitarian aids to be able to reach their designed destinations, for the blockade to be terminated and the fuel being able to reach hospitals, ambulances, fire brigades and the rest of the population.

A chance at a pseudo sense of normalancy.

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