Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Damages until 31/07/2006

Source: Higher Relief Council website


Israeli bombardments have resulted in the destruction of airports, ports, TV stations, broadcasting antennas, bridges, roads, and villages. Preliminary figures reveal the following damage to infrastructure (last updated on 31/07/2006):

Description - Quantity (in Units)
Vital Points ( including airports, ports, water and sewage treatment, electrical plants etc.): 27 -
Roads: 600 Km
Fuel Stations: 23 -
Bridges: 66 -
Over passes: 72 -
Private houses / apartments: 6,355 -
Commercial sector (factories, markets, farms, etc.): 160 -

For more details view link (in arabic)

Demolished infrastructure has reached an estimate of 2 billion USD which is broken down as shown in the table below (last updated on 22/07/2006):

Division - Approximate Damages (Million USD)
Transportation: 386
Electricity: 180
Telecommunications: 85
Water: 70
Housing and Trade Organizations: 1,144
Industrial Organizations: 180
Gas Stations: 10
Military infrastructure: 16
Total: 2,071

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