Friday, February 13, 2009

Media Contacts Needed

YANA is looking for media contacts in Beirut, Lebanon who might be willing to do a feature about its non-profit project.

They are planning a fundraiser on 25 or 26 March (date to be confirmed) and are launching their website in the next couple weeks.

Any sort of medium is welcome (TV, magazine, radio, newspapers, web, etc.)

Also looking for contacts in local social magazines to cover the fundraiser, i.e.:
- Mondanite
- Layalina
- Noun
- Prestige
- Special
- Femme Magazine
... etc

Any assistance will be much appreciated!

Details about Y.A.N.A. (You Are Not Alone) here:

Y.A.N.A. (You Are Not Alone) Group:
Y.A.N.A. (You Are Not Alone) Page:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

YANA is looking for SPONSORS for its fundraiser

Y.A.N.A. is pleased to annouce that it is organizing its first FUNDRAISER dinner which will take place on Wednesday March 25th or Thursday March 26th to celebrate Mother's Day.

Y.A.N.A. is looking for SPONSORS for its event.
Sponsorship can be in terms of cash for event funding or services / goods to make this event a success or gifts for the Chinese Auction.

Sponsors will be featured in the following medium:

- Logo on “Paparazzi” wall at the entrance of the venue where pictures will be taken
- Logo on Sales tickets
- Logo and link on YANA’s website (
- YANA’s Facebook group / page and other social networking websites
- Media communiqué / email distributions
- Business cards will be available to the guests on a special table
- Thank you letters which will be sent to attendees after the event

Please feel free to forward this to your friends or anyone you might think would be interested.

Thank you for any assistance!
All the best,

Contact YANA on the following :
tel/fax: +961 1 691 115

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Revolution for peace: Lebanese Hip Hopper for Peace

Revolution for peace: Lebanese Hip Hoppers for Peace

Firas Safa, aka l'Fahrass, is 17 years old and raps in three languages. The message is the same in all of them: Entifada lal salem, revolution pour la paix, a revolution for peace. His friend Omar Zeinedinne - Mista Dee - aged 25, says that, "in general, hip hop is the voice of the oppressed," but the Lebanese don't rap about racism, "we rap about war." Lebanon is a long way from the streets of America where hip hop began and here, its concerns are very different. In the US, worries rumble on that rappers glorify violence, but here, while Lebanon's burgeoning hip hop movement is influenced by American rappers, the young, angry artists have a passionate message of peace.

"I see [rapping] as a mission to improve Lebanon," says Firas, in a documentary called Peace Beats, which follows the story of a US Aid-sponsored project, Hip Hop for Peace. Raffi Feghali, the project's manager, explains that, "Basically it started with the goal of taking a group of hip hop artists and transforming them into messengers of peace." A long-term hip hop fan, Raffi, who wears a white tip-tilted trilby, explains that he had made himself aware of every hip-hop artist in Lebanon, and when he managed to secure funding for Hip Hop for Peace, invited a group of them to participate in a camp in Broumana, which, "included training for these artists in conflict resolution," and encouraging them to come up with advocacy tools. One of these tools, he said, was the CD that the group produced, featuring tracks by all of them and focussing on the theme of peace, and hip hop nights organized by the artists themselves. They sound great, too. The gigs they have done have been full of energy.

"Why hip hop?" says Raffi. "Because it is on the rise in Lebanon. It is the language of the youth and we are trying to target youth."

Although it started as an imported genre, largely listened to by university students, the middle classes with access to foreign culture, Raffi now says that it is increasingly popular, "among poor people. It is accessible for ordinary people." The Peace Beats documentary shows tensions running high as the artists - from all religions and backgrounds - struggle to convince one another to overcome their differences, but they now seem enthused about their message and, "it is a group of amazing guys - and a girl," says Feghali, "I expected that we would have a hard time managing the group but they proved me wrong." There are, he explains, Lebanese in the group, an Armenian and several Palestinians. A lot of the artists are teenagers, and the documentary's footage of a Christian girl going to a Palestinian camp in Lebanon to work with a friend, and explaining that her parents would be furious if they knew she was there, is touching and impressive.

As the Palestinian cause has been pushed to the fore in recent weeks by the mass bloodshed in Gaza, Lebanon's hip hop artists are heading a fundraising event. As Firas says, "we decided to do this because of what is happening in Gaza. We are not supporting Hamas but we want to support the kids dying and the women dying. We wanted to do something that was art - the protests are getting nowhere." Palestinian hip hop, as recent documentary Slingshot Hip Hop showed, address frustration at conflict and calls for peace, like the Peace Beats crew. Though Firas has not yet seen the film, he likes it before seeing it, "cos that's what hip hop is all about, speaking your mind," he says.

The event, scheduled for January 24 (at 5pm at Madinah Theatre, Hamra), will feature l'Fahrass and other artists Malikah, Fari' l-Uturuch and Palestinian refugees I-Voice. Stand-up comedian Mazen Abdallah will be there, poet Diala Ahwach will perform her work about Gaza and the Rek Crew will work together on peace-themed graffiti art.

"They say if you want peace," says Firas, "you've got to prepare for war. That's what we're doing; a war. Our weapon is the pen and the paper, and our Ideology is based on revolutionary art and poetry. We think hip hop is revolutionary music which can lead to peace, by saying what we want to say, so everyone will listen."

Monday, February 09, 2009

How to support YANA

I have been receiving inquiries on how to support Y.A.N.A. (You Are Not Alone), my favorite non-profit organization in Beirut:

For now support can be through spreading the word, by joining and inviting your friends to our FB group ( )or FB page ( ) and later on our mailing list in the upcoming website.

Or in terms of monetary or in-kind donations:

Bank Details:
Congregation des Cœurs Unis dans les Cœurs de Jesus et de Marie
Fransabank – Hazmieh, Lebanon
Account # 40 22 11 487283.79
Swift / Code Bank: FSABLBBX

Other Methods to Donate:
To send donations locally or from abroad visit Western Union ( ) or MoneyGram International ( ) agents near you.

Please use the following data as YANA/ CCU contact:
First Name: Michel
Last Name: Baaklini
City: Beirut
Country: Lebanon

Send notification to Mr. Michel Baaklini (Vice President CCU):
Tel / Fax: +961 1 691 115 or mobile: +961 3 326 107

*Kindly note that relevant service fees may apply

Online Donations:
Send money online via Western Union ( ), using a Visa® or MasterCard® credit or debit card if you live in one of the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, UK, USA.

OR Visit , it is as easy as 123:
1- Sign up for a secure online account at
2- Fill-in the relevant online information including YANA / CCU mailing address: CCU, St. Joseph str., Dekwaneh – Beirut, Lebanon; 55205 Sin el Fil
3- YANA / CCU will received a prepaid Visa or Mastercard through courier to cash in at any ATM

Send notification to Mr. Michel Baaklini (Vice President CCU):
Tel / Fax: +961 1 691 115 or mobile: +961 3 326 107

*Kindly note that relevant service fees may apply

Monthly Sponsorship:
Sponsor a child or mother on a monthly basis and help them get adequate care, education, nurture, provisions and healthcare:
25$, 50$, 100$, 300$, 500 $

Other: ____________________ USD (U.S. Dollars)

Last Name:
First Name:
Mobile Number:
Preferred method of contact: O Phone O Email

Direct / Goods or In-Kind donations:
Contact Mr. Michel Baaklini (Vice President)
Tel / Fax: +961 1 691 115 or Email:

Or deliver to Y.A.N.A., address as follows:
2nd floor, CCU Headquarters, St. Joseph str., Dekwaneh – Beirut, Lebanon 55205 Sin el Fil

Or if you are in the area, stay tuned for upcoming fundraising events and join us for bit of fun as well as philantroping! :)

I am currently working on the website and will post the link when its ready :)

Thanks for your interest! All the best!

Fundraiser for YANA in Beirut

Dear friends,

I am aiming to organize a fundraising gala dinner in Beirut Lebanon some time in March around Mother's day for Y.A.N.A. (You Are Not Alone) (the non-profit organization i currently am involved) with and would appreciate tips/contacts for a venue for about 200 people within the Beirut area or its surroundings.

Also there will be entertainment and a tombola draw (actually i'm thinking more in terms of a Chinese auction!) so if anyone is willing to offer prizes or entertainment or sponsorships or knows a contact for any of the above i would be much appreciative!

Of course donations or very special discounts are highly welcome.

God bless!

Dont forget to help us spread the word by inviting your friends to our FB group or page:

Friday, February 06, 2009

YANA is looking for a General Doctor

Dear Friends,

C.C.U. (YANA's mother association) is looking for a general doctor who is willing to donate and commit at least a couple of hours per week to the association's dispensary / clinic.

Hours are flexible depending on the doctor's time table.

We are located in the Dekwaneh area, Beirut, Lebanon.

If you are interested or you know someone who might be, kindly contact Michel Baaklini on 01 691 115 or 03 326 107 for any additional information or to set up a meeting.

Thanks a lot!
God Bless!

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