Saturday, August 05, 2006


Over 900,000 refugees are being catered for by many organizations and volunteers. Yet there is still a serious shortage of clothing and hygiene, especially for the children.

These refugees left their homes with nothing except what they were wearing. Three weeks have passed while they are in schools where only minimum hygiene is available. Children as well as adults need a change of clothes. But before that they need a HOT BATH. Schools are not equipped with bathrooms, they only have toilets and wash basins and no hot water. SPNL intends, starting immediately, to install portable bathrooms in the schools where the displaced are being housed temporarily. Temporarily, in certain cases, could be several months!!

During our visits to some of these schools we have already witnessed cases of Lice and Skin diseases among the children.

SPNL, The Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon, advocates that people are an integral part of Nature and should be protected and assisted to maintain a hygienic existence.

We at SPNL, therefore, request all of you, who wish to help and who feel that they are concerned, to donate to this urgent and noble cause.

What we need is:
1. Children's clothes and underwear
2. Children's shoes
3. Adults’ clothes and underwear
4. And on top of all the PORTABLE BATHROOMS, which we have already started manufacturing at a cost of $285 each including hot
water and installation.

Donations may be made in kind or in cash at:

SPNL Collection and Distribution Center,
Saeb Salam Blvd., (Cornish El Mazraa)
Bourj El Mazraa Bldg.,
Adjacent to Lebanese Credit Bank (Bank Credit Libanais),
Beirut, Lebanon.
Tel / Fax: 01 302544 / 319336
Email :

Or at:

Byblos Bank,
Verdun Street Branch,

A/C Name: Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL)
A/C No.: 285. 2702235. 002

Clothes donated will be inspected, ironed and properly packed before distribution. Records of all donations and distributions will be properly kept for reference and verification at any time.

Cash received will be used to pay for the BATHROOMS and to purchase clothes and underwear from local factories who promised to sell us at prices below their cost in contribution to the war effort.

Let us together alleviate the suffering and participate in the effort to sustain the effects of this unfair and cruel war.

Shawki saidi,
Executive Committee Member and Financial Controller,
Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon, SPNL,
Abdel Aziz Street,
Awad Building, sixth floor.
Beirut, Lebanon.
Tel Mobile 961-3-216375 or 961-3-749813
Tel /Fax 961-1- 302544 , 961-1-319336,

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