Thursday, August 03, 2006

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WARNING - Graphic content!

Pictures of the vast devastation in the south of the country where 750,000 people have been forced off their land and shunted into refugee camp and the many incidents of the Israeli military intentionally bombing civilians, homes, bridges, milk factories, mosques, airports, power-plants, lighthouses, and ports...

Photos of the mass graves and the improvised coffins which have been laid side-by-side in long rows following Israeli bombardments

Israel is using strange banned weapons in southern Lebanon including cluster-grenades, laser-weaponry, and white phosphorus

The haunting shrieks of the young boy who was filmed in hospital by CNN after being incinerated by Israeli napalm

The heartrending picture of the dying Lebanese mother peering up for the last time at her blood-spattered and inconsolable child; another victim of the Israeli onslaught

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