Monday, January 08, 2007

Cluster bombs come in appealing shapes and colors

'Musical' cluster bomb wounds 3 in same family
By Mohammed Zaatari
Daily Star staff

TYRE: A cluster-bomb explosion on Friday wounded three people from the same family in the village of Maarakeh in eastern Tyre. Rasha Zayoun, 15, was very excited when she brought home an electronic bell which plays Christmas rhythms. As soon as she showed it to her mother Alia, and her brother Kassem, the bomb exploded in Rasha's hands. The three members of the Zayoun family were immediately rushed to the Jabal Amel Hospital. However, tragically Rasha's left leg was amputated and the right one was severely mutilated.

In a similar incident in the southern village of Blida near the town of Bint Jbeil, an alert school teacher was able to spare her class a catastrophe. One of the students came to class with a odd-looking perfume bottle and started to show it to his classmates, when the teacher realized it might be a cluster bomb and confiscated it.

The true danger behind cluster bombs lies in the fact that the munitions come in appealing shapes and colors that attract small children.

Chocolate bars, lollipops, colorful electronic gadgets and even balls, are but some of the many shapes a cluster bomb might take. Municipalities in South Lebanon have been organizing campaigns in schools to warn students not to handle or make contact with any strange objects, as attractive as they might seem.

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