Monday, January 19, 2009

Y.A.N.A. (You Are Not Alone)

Y.A.N.A. (You Are Not Alone) provides follow-up with families facing social difficulties and offers them different social services (dispensary/ clinic, orphanage/ foster home, children’s group, women’s group) to best serve their needs.

All families passing through social problems are targeted by this project, especially mothers and children.

Y.A.N.A. welcomes women who are:
a) Abused
b) Divorced
c) Widowed
d) Unmarried mothers (filles- mères)
e) Facing extreme poverty

Y.A.N.A. offers these mothers a dedicated specialized team of psychologists and social assistants. The ladies will be divided into groups and assistance will be provided in terms of:
• Psychological support, through listening and follow-up
• Team work, though “Group Dynamics”
• Medical care, through the association’s dispensary/ clinic

Y.A.N.A. welcomes children whose families are having difficult social circumstances:

Conditions for acceptance:
a) Orphaned by one or both parents
b) Abused child
c) Family’s in extreme poverty

Y.A.N.A. will provide the children with the following services and follow-up:

1. On the educational and schooling level:
a. Education by providing tutors to help with their after-school homework
b. Provision for a lunch meal before tutoring
c. From the beginning to the end of the school year excluding holidays

2. On the medical level:
The program includes medical care through the use of the association’s clinic/ dispensary

3. Miscellaneous activities:
a. Kids benefiting from this program are automatically part of the association’s “Children Group” supervised by a social assistant
b. The Children Group meets every Saturday between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm where kids will take part in a multitude of entertainment, cultural and spiritual activities
c. Many field trips during the school year
d. 1 week Summer camp to celebrate the end of the school year

4. Fostering home and Orphanage:
a. Provision for premises to accommodate up to 8 kids aged between 7 to 10 years old where they will benefit from the services provided by the home:
i. Living facilities (120m2 apartment) and nurture
ii. Education, healthcare and nourishment
iii. Guidance, emotional and psychological support
iv.Miscellaneous activities as provided above
b. Conditions for acceptance:
i. Orphans by one or both parents
ii. In need of shelter and referred by specialized official sources
c. The program will provide for psychologists and social assistants for follow-up with the children on a psychological and ethical basis

5. Child follow-up:
The association has the right to follow-up on the child at home and school through visits conducted by the social worker appointed by the organization. This point is conditional to acceptance of the child into the program

Who we are:

The CCU is a lay, apostolic, ecumenical, social and charitable movement free from religious or racial discriminations. Founded in Dekwaneh - Lebanon in 1960 by Sister Mathilde Riachi, it has the approval of the ecclesiastical and civil authorities according to a certificate of registration and acquaintance nr 15 A.D. amendment nr 20 A.D. /2007.
Office / Fax: + 961 1 691 115
2nd floor, CCU Headquarters, St. Joseph str., Dekwaneh - Beirut, Lebanon

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Judith Ellis said...

Jounoune - I love Y.A.N.A! Its a beautiful concept. How can others support it?

Jounoune said...

Hi Judith!

For now support can be through spreading the word, joining our FB group ( page ( and later on our mailing list in the upcoming website.

Or in terms of monetary or in-kind donations... you can find more details about that here:

I am currently working on the website and will post the link when its ready :)

Thanks for your interest! All the best!

Judith Ellis said...

Thanks, Jounoune -- much appreciated! I'll check out the links.

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