Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mike Feghali Predictions for 2009

Like Michel Hayek, Mike Feghali is also a psychic and amous in Lebanon and the region for his predictions. He provided his predictions to Lebanon Files website exclusively:

- Lebanon will continue to suffer from political assassinations

- Lebanon will be hit by a major earthquake that could cause substantial damages to a tourist attraction. It is not over yet for Sidon and Tyre ( both had earthquakes earlier this month ) . The worst is yet to come

- Downtown Beirut will continue to face some unrest but after this ends, will experience a boom and Beirut will become the capital of the world

- Lebanon will not have a civil war but will have skirmishes between various factions but the army will not be involved

- The airport could be shut down for a short period ( hours, possibly days )

- A new Lebanese president will be elected and will be from the army

- The Lebanese economy will prosper and the governor of the Central Bank Riad Salameh will receive several awards for outstanding performance .

- A Lebanese will be appointed to an important post at the United Nations

- The Vatican will recognize and honor a Lebanese within 11 months

- Patriarch Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir is in danger ( he did not specify the type or date)

- The predicted assassinations could affect the parliament and the press. (He sees the parliament, the press and LBC TV dressed in black )

- The Lebanese Syrian borders will be closed for some time but Lebanon will eventually have a Syrian embassy . Talks over the embassy will start this year

- Iran will finally abandon Syria the last minute

- Major scandal affecting the issue of the Lebanese detainees in the Syrian prisons

- Prisoner Samir Qantar will be released from Israeli jail in about 11 months

- General Michel Aoun will experience significant health problems during a speech or a press conference and Gibran Bassil ( Aoun's son-in-law) will take over at the Free Patriotic Movement

- Dr. Samir Geagea will be exposed to a failed assassination attempt

- MP Streida Geagea is in danger

- MP Antoine Zahra is in very great danger

- Internal problems within the "Lebanese Forces" organization

- Samir Geagea will enter into new alliances and will at the same time drop some existing alliances

- The government of Prime minister Fouad Siniora could face internal problems , but Siniora himself will be always untouchable and above board

- MP Walid Jumblatt is no longer in immediate danger . His son Timor will start helping him in Party matters

- Suleiman Franjieh will make the news headlines and will re enter politics in Lebanon

- MP Saad Hariri will retire from politics, and a woman from the Hariri family will take over

- Problems within the Hariri family

- The world be in Great shock once the truth is discovered ( this concerns the Hariri International tribunal )

- The stock market could crash and the Hariri family could lose control of Solidere

- There will be many changes in the ranks of the Lebanese army
- Hezbollah will unite with and become part of the Lebanese army

Outside Lebanon

- America will be exposed to a terrorist act like never before

- France will be exposed to a terrorist act at the Eiffel Tower

- Major scandal at the royal family in Britain

- Egypt will be governed by a woman starting in 2010

- Iranian nuclear issue will be settled after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad steps down

- Israel will cease to exist as a country, instead the Jews and Palestinians will unite and the country will neither be called Israel nor Palestine

- Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in danger

- President Musharraf of Pakistan is in danger will not survive for too long

- Major French scandal affecting the Elysee Palace, and President Sarkozy

- Iran will interfere in the United Arab emirates and will break up the union between the emirates

- Saudi Arabia will be exposed to terrorism

- Turkey will drown in a sea of blood

- Syria will experience successive failed coups, but the last coup will succeed and the Syrian regime will change .

- Iraq will be divided into four States

- Lebanon will become one of the most prosperous countries in the region and work will begin in 2009 on exploration of oil in Lebanon, and Lebanon will be able to pay off all its debt.

- The issue of the displaced Palestinians will be not be resolved

- Israel will attack Syria . The United states will intervene and arrange the return of the Golan Heights to Syrian ownership but Syria will lease these back to Israel as part of the agreement


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