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Michel Hayek Predictions for 2009

Michel Hayek Predictions for 2009
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Every year just before midnight 31-Dec, the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC - Europe) feature Lebanese psychic Michel Hayek’s (also known as the millennium Nostradamus) predictions for the upcoming 18 months.

The predictions are divided into 4 segments: World, Arab, Random, and Lebanese.

- An earthquake will be felt by the residents of Jordan and Iraq
- The uncovering of terrorist cells that sneaked in through the border intending to perform attacks in the midst of the kingdom.
- The diplomatic branch in Jordan goes through critical (accurate) moments
- Jordan’s queen appears in a new light, and the clouds will clear in the skies of the Jordanian royal family after a dark foggy phase
- Major real estate projects extend and rise on Jordanian soil

- Gaza will not be the city of massacres and blockades but the city of dialogue and compromises.
- An announcement of giving Palestinians an important part of their rights, and a wave of happiness overcomes Palestine and its neighbors
- A semi-coup like movement in the Palestinian interior
- Mahmoud Abbas (Palestinian Authority President) is subjected to personal insults and will be seen in a compromising (or critical) situation
- The memories of 1967 reawaken along with various options (suggestions)
- Khaled Mashaal (Hamas leader) in difficult and dangerous missions which become part of his legacy (leave a mark on his name)

- The people of Israel will be in fear for a long period of time
- A disaster awaits the new Israeli prime minister
- A none-Israeli weapon within range of Israel
- Ariel Sharon’s name will be in the news again
- Great harm will befall several Jewish communities outside Israel


- Scenes of disintegration and creation within the current Egyptian regime
- The Suez canal will be involved in the fateful (or crucial) urgent Egyptian decision

- Scenes involving the Military and civilians causing chaos and with devastation of governmental positions (or centers)
- Operations of revenge against personalities on Egyptian soil

- The current Syrian regime uncovers a dangerous coup attempt against it, and only reveals a small part of what happened to the media
- The creation and reopening of Arab/foreign diplomatic and cultural centers in Syria
- Syria surprises everyone by arresting (terrorist) tactical leaders both dead and alive, among them one who is very well known and sought after for arrest
- A great increase will be seen in collaborative efforts and projects between Syria and Lebanon including corporations and restaurants; Most of which are new, but some old that have been brought back to life.
- International terrorism strikes in vengeance on Syrian soil
- Despite the hostility and distance we see bridges being extended between Syria and Saudi Arabia
- Farouq Al-Sahre’ (Syrian Vice President) will be a key personality, and public opinion will gravitate towards him
- Dynamic and intentional incidents intended to create sedition (conflict) and destabilize Syria
- A “workshop” to reposition (and replace) high level positions within the Syrian regime
- Syrian atmosphere will not be free of war
- Strange movements opposite (near) the Syrian coast
- Someone will be pardoned, and it will begin a series of positive decisions
- Dureid Laham (Syrian actor) will be in the limelight

- President Bush will not enjoy his retirement
- A gigantic fire will erupt in a large commercial center (or mall)
- With all deliberation and on key issues Obama displays political inexperience (immaturity).
- Along with the presidency, Obama takes the danger (threat) as well, and while he makes plans for people in America and abroad, there is a group in America and abroad making plans for him and his work team (cabinet or administration)
- The announcement of the fate of a terrorist personality of the first order (i.e. a terrorist leader)
- We hear strange news about (Al-Qaida leader) Ayman Al-Zawahiri
- American Artist (or Musician, or Actor, or Entertainer) dies in an unexpected manner

- Political Party developments reminiscent of the USSR era
- Russian positions (stances) that make it clear Russia is prepared to control (guide) global decisions
- Dangerous threats between Russia and a 2nd country which does not fall under Russia’s domain

- Popular protests all over the streets of France along with acts of vandalism and chaos
- Confusion among the French Judiciary (or legal system)
- An attempted terrorist act on French soil.
- An incident (or accident) will occur. A celebrity will be among its victims

- Problems, difficulties and obstacles await British prime minister Gordon Brown
- Depression will penetrate the London fog, and reach the faces of the British royal family.
- Neo-Nazism begins to surface (give primary signals)

Germany: Panic among the German people due to an incident that resembles a terrorist attack

Europe: A conflict erupts between 2 European countries which will pose questions at all levels!

Switzerland: An incident (or accident) disrupts the peaceful atmosphere of Switzerland

Tibet: The outlook is grim (uncomfortable) for the Dalai Lama

Space: Once again Space Scientists (Astronomers, astronauts) make new milestones which give people new hope of man’s ability to survive somewhere other than planet earth

- A painful strike awaits the sea pirates
- We will witness a sea battle with the participation of Destroyers and other naval warfare ships

Afghanistan: The outlook for president Karzai is dim (dark)

Arabia: An operation which is close to suicidal occurs in Arabia and generates great debate, argument and questions among Arabs.

Libya: A mystery surrounds “the tent” of Muammar al-Qaddafi

Saudi Arabia:
- Beginning of discovery of religious artifacts and historical/touristic sites which make KSA a tourist hotspot
- Discovery of new resources under ground equally as important as oil
- Failure of plans to create a crisis in the governing (ruling) of KSA
- The Saudi intelligence establishment foils several terrorist operations within the kingdom, but some other operations succeed in accomplishing their goals (of vandalism)
- The dialogue between religions (faiths) will be the project of projects in the coming stage despite all the security challenges and the opposing views, it will form a new line in the future of mankind
- The kingdom will be notified by an unknown party of the details of a “changing” operation
- A well known international spiritual personality makes a historical visit to KSA
- The beginning of a change in the kingdom’s weather and a great change in climate
- The outlook is very ominous around a Saudi airplane
- The modernization and creation of new laws which comfort the younger generations and form a great openness by the ruling (Royal family) towards the Saudi people
- The illusion of sadness invades the hearts of the Saudi people

- A glaring attack on a foreign work team (or delegation) on Iraqi soil
- I’m hearing voices from Iraqi Christians crying out for help
- An Iraqi security crisis (or great change) in the aviation industry
- Despite the fortifications, an attack will penetrate and target a well known personality

- Despite the sanctions (blockades/embargoes) on Iran, we will see it receiving visitors from some of the countries that imposed these sanctions
- A naval operation in Iranian waters
- The arrest of an espionage ring within Iran
- Attempts to destabilize Iranian internal security and create rifts and splits among Iranians.
- Mysterious operations in sensitive Iranian locations
- The Iranian grip will be broken through a personal assassination attempt
- Iran will direct a very harsh accusation towards an Arab country

- Despite what we’re hearing I see UAE as a country that will find doors to exit the current economic crisis even if it will do so slowly
- A member of the ruling family will be in a critical state
- I see smoke and fire caused by a major incident (or accident)
- Rumors intended to break up the unity of the emirates themselves, and a wager on the lack of this unity

- Political intrigue on different levels in Kuwait along with retreats and chaos within the government
- Kuwait will remain coherent (solid) and governed (gripped) despite several destabilization attempts
- Kuwaiti Art (music/acting/entertainment) industry will go through a sad period

- Cracks in the armor of Qatari stability
- changing of high level positions within the Qatari regime
- Qatari airlines will encounter major Problems
- Qatar will perform a new highly dangerous mediation in the region
- A certain Qatari hospital will be in the news

- Turkey will encounter a dangerous earth quake
- Turks will go through several natural disasters this year
- The beginning of finding solutions to the historical hostility between Turks and Armenians
- There is no stability on the Turkish interior
- Turkish arms will extend in multiple directions

- Acts of Vandalism and terrorism attempt to change the image of the Pakistani regime
- Fire will penetrate the Indian/Pakistani ceasefire
- The appearance of Pervez Musharaf’s (former prime minister) name prominently

- Cash flow is available
- Encouragement of investment. Whatever isn’t exported will be sold locally
- The Lebanese Lira will overcome many crises
- Bank of Lebanon and its director will be a reference to the biggest banks and the most successful business men in the world who will learn from it sound economic policy, and this will be covered in the local and international media.
- The bank of Lebanon will survive several crises, and receive honorary prizes which will make Lebanon proud
- Chaos and rumors in banking circles hits banks and bank owners, their source will later be revealed to be an enemy of Lebanon. I mean Israel.
- We will read the phrase (Made in Lebanon) on many products prepared for consumption locally or for export
- Great progress in the industrial sector as a result of the incentives/regulations intended to enhance it.
- We will read the names of some of the larges real estate companies on buildings and giant malls
- A noticeable growth in the agriculture industry even in medical organ transplants!
- The agriculture industry will have an upheaval of the traditional Lebanese crops.
- We will see a noticeable return of specialized energetic youth
- The Lebanese Agricultural engineers will have great achievements in Lebanon
- So the Lebanese farmer will be able to start facing the crises of the banking sector slowly, along with hige difficult challenges along with a program of public protests.
- The Port of Beirut will be the port of all ports in the region. It will observe a unique tourist and commercial traffic which will extend to its environs.
- The launching of a campaign to prepare Lebanese beaches to receive tourists
- The initiation of real estate projects of trigonometric shape some of which will carry Lebanese and Arabian symbols
- A strengthening of the world of Lebanese tourist and commercial aviation. Airports, planes, pilots, and modern buildings, equipment, and training facilities in the region, a noticeable increase in the number of planes carrying the Lebanese cedar insignia.
- Middle East airlines will improve greatly and be among the prominent international airlines
- Lebanon will hold international conferences, and summits. It will be the country of prizes and honors, and it will be free, and independent despite all the dangerous projects being prepared for the region.
- Parts of Lebanon’s occupied lands are returned to it
- The international tribunal will be held. The identity of the murderer (of Rafiq Al-Hariri) will be revealed, and the identity will be triangular and 3 dimensional. We will see in picture and listen in sound to important details about the bombing (assassination), and be surprised by public confessions from one of the guilty parties involved in the assassination, and witnesses from different nationalities.
- The parliamentary elections will happen. Many of the large wagers and challenges will fail. An event will ruin things for one of the candidates. Previous ministers, current MPs will be involved in the election process
- Noticeable developments in the investigation of the assassination of Major General Francois al-haj and MP/minister Pierre Al-Jmayel
- The prestige (dignity) of the Lebanese Army will fill all of Lebanon, and it’s influence (balance) will increase although it will face 2 crises, but they will change nothing in its determination and that of its leader
- Syria is not coming back to Lebanon. Its influence will be strong, and it will allow it to interfere in several Lebanese affairs. Even so I see Syria in several national-security resembling missions which will be swift and limited and on Lebanese soil some open and others mysterious (secret)
- The Israeli air force will not be safe in Lebanese air-space, and I don’t mean by this prediction the danger of the planes Russia gave to Lebanon
- The recommendations of the Arab Summit held in Beirut around the year 2000 did not die, and some of them will see the light against
- Lebanese leading personalities will be placed in what amounts to forced internment (house imprisonment)
- Lebanese political parties and currents will open centers in surprising areas (or where it will cause surprise)
- A disruption (jamming) of an unknown source in Sayda is identified with the name of the municipality and the mayor
- The birth of new political movements with female leadership
- A painful and scary letter is sent to Saed Al-Hariri which reminds of the era of pressure put on the assassinated (martyred) president Rafiq Al-Hariri
- A high level legal personality (inaudible) all personal and even family
- A semi-intifada (uprising) of the media is witnessed between the syndicate of press and syndicate of editors.
- The uncovering of powerful operational strings with two intentions: Penetrating the leadership of Hizbullah and a reset of the equation and the balance of power. These strings will be uncovered.
- A section of the Doha decisions fails in Beirut
- The horizons of the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh are expanding
- The name of the minister (of interior) Ziyad Barood is the bold headline of several plans and road maps.
- The name of MP and minister (of public works and transport) Mohammad Al-Safadi is identified with several varying events and positions which catch the public eye among them:
A. his positions will participate to a great extent in breaking the ice between 2 opposing political groups, and this will benefit the greater good of Lebanon
B. He will surprise public opinion with an unexpected political electoral position that could not have occurred to anyone
- The world of civil aviation and Beirut Airport will witness a tragic scene (incident)
- Prominent and important changes in rulings and decisions which was until yesterday impossible, and it becomes apparent that these rulings were not needed to begin with
- A badly wanted and dangerous political presence makes Lebanon his headquarters
- The echos of the Biqfaya region are heard from a distance
- Walid Jumblat (Progressive social party leader and prominent druze) in several bright (promising) settings, and the leaking of a plan against him and two of his work team, and against a region of the Druze mountain
- The name of the first lady Wafa Michel Sleyman will captivate the hearts of the Lebanese people
- A scene of a coup in one of Lebanon’s regions
- The water dispute between Lebanon and Israel takes the forefront again
- Lebanese Armenians overcome a tragic problem plotted for them
- The Syrian diplomacy in Lebanon will be subject to a setback
- I don’t see the horizons of the Tweini family (family of assassinated MP/journalist Jubran Tweini) in darkness despite the size of their hopes and the variety (of its colors)
- The use of scandals as a method to take down a well known personality
- The cedar (symbol of Lebanon) of the militia and armed forces is subject to traitorous and harmful arrows
- Palestinian weapons will be used violently inside and outside the Palestinian refugee camps within Lebanon
- The capture of a spy network in an operation with dangerous consequences
- The association of Boutron with several prominent events which remixes the cards and roles
- Varying signs accompany the name of (singer) Milhem Barakat
- The local waters will not be safe from some military (national security) operations and renewed accidents (or events)
- Mysteries are everywhere (master of the situation) in the world of (former premier) Omar Karameh in the upcoming stage
- A group is trying to place obstacles on the movement of President Michel Sleyman including a failed attempt to hinder one of his visits, and powerful security measures will be taken around the president after the security apparatus receives indications that there is a threat (negative intentions) towards the president
- The appearance of indications of the joining of a group from Hizballah and a Palestinian group to the columns of the Lebanese Army
- The eyes of the Lebanese people will be on the Mosque of Mohammad Amin and its surroundings
- I see new faces around the leadership table in the free nationalist movement
- A suspicious sneaking in is revealed targeting General Michel Oun and some of his close acquaintances
- Michel Oun will be the man of surprises which draw to it the interest of the media and public opinion even while outside Lebanon. A large number of Lebanese people are concerned for General oun. This is aided by the large number of rumors about him.
- A scene combining bkirki and Damascus generates different emotions
- Large crowds in Bkirki centered around patriarch Sfeir and the seat (leadership) of the patriarchy
- The name of MP George Udwan is subject to many wagers and exiting them safely will involve several challenges
- A military (national security) event I see 3 things about:
a. The assault of an official security apparatus (organization)
b. An attack to something related to embassies and the diplomatic branch
c. An “accurate” (carefully planned) kidnapping
- A major Lebanese personality is subject to an attack while outside Lebanon
- The discovery of a strange object (or body) at a center where people gather causes fear and causes a short term paralysis in the areas
- A suicidal (martyr) operation along with noise and
- Nature surrounds a Lebanese face
- Eyes are directed towards what is happening inside one of Lebanon’s hospitals
- Warnings of an earthquake which pushes the state to creating emergency response capability
- With all the starpower, and garnering Arabian and international accolades, there’s a dark corner in the world of Lebanese fashion and beauty
- The syndicate of art will be busty in preparing some “medals” (or accolades), and artists are accompanies by more than one farewell parade
- Public and secret Pressures to remove ex-President Fuad Sanyora from the political landscape and talk about his health (or well being)
- Religion is the center of several stages which will worry public opinion
- The phrase “touch line” (side line in soccer) is used by a certain media (newspaper, tv or radio) again
- Multiple rounds of attack and counterattack (revenge) between Hizbullah and Israel
- Flags are flying low (or half staff) over an official building (dome) and on top of the HQ of one of the political parties
- I see another scene involving the media.
a. A certain media (newspaper, TV station, or radio station) goes through a painful stage and a black era
b. Signs of vandalism (or malfunction) in a media
c. a tragic accident befalls a member of the media
d. A prominent appearance of Lebanese media personalities in the foreign media
e. The highest order of media accolade is given to a member of the Lebanese media
f. Noise is present around the name of another media personality which suggests he may move to a different form of media
- Surprise accompany the zooq thermal workshop ?!!!
- The UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) sees and doesn’t see, hears and doesn’t hear, and is still a target for attack
- MP Michel Al-murr will find an exit to a tunnel (problem) he did not put himself in

Predictions by Michel Hayek for 2009
25 Detailed Predictions by Michel Hayek for 2009

Here are the Detailed Predictions of Michel Hayek for the year 2009 which he said during the new year party at the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation - LBC on the even of 31st December 2008.

- Striking developments in the murder of Major General Francois Al Hajj and Deputy Minister Pierre Gemayel.

- The prestige of the Lebanese army will fill an area of the country and points to the escalation of the deadly and waiting.

- Syria will not come back to Lebanon however its influence will be high, Syria will have an intervention in more than one Lebanese issues, "I see Syria taking parts in quick and limited security issues on the ground, some Lebanese and some other mystery missions."

- Israeli warplanes would not be safe in the Lebanese airspace, this is not due to the arrival of Russian planes which were donated to Lebanon.

- The recommendations of the Arab summit held in Beirut, around the year 2000 will still have some of the light.

- Lebanese key figures will be placed in a situation similar to a house arrest.

- Lebanese Parties will open new locations which will cause a surprise.

- Anonymous hash will orbit in Sidon (Saida) which is linked to the name of the mayor and the municipality.

- The birth of new political movements with Women Leadership.

- A Threat and painful letter will arrive to the deputy Saad Hariri , remembering of the pressure President Rafiq al-Hariri had before his assassination.

- A high ranked figure will get some form of harassment and physical attacks even on his family.

- What we see is like the Intifada information between the associations of the press and the editors.

- Disclosure of the threads of a massive operation targeted two things: the breach of the leadership ranks of Hezbollah and the heart of the equation and the balance of power (revealed).

- A section of the decisions of the Doha Agreement on the land Down Beirut.

- The prospects for the assassination of Imad Mughniyah to expand.

- The name of the minister Ziad Baroud title for more than a broad plan and map.

- Associated with the name of Deputy Minister Mohammad Safadi and several events of different positions strongly draws attention, including: his will to a large extent to break the ice between the two political eyelashes and this is in the supreme interest of Lebanon, and the surprise Safdi public political stance was not forthcoming election thought.

- A world of civil aviation and the Beirut airport on the date of a tragic scene.

- Prominent and important changes in the terms and decisions on the outside can be even, and the basis is no justification for its existence.

- A terrorist is required will be based in Lebanon.

- Echoes of the area of Bikfaya, feel free to run.

- I see new faces around the table of leadership in the Free National Movement.

- Reveals the infiltration of suspicious people targeting General Aoun and some close to him.

- Michel Aoun, a man of surprises, which attracted media attention around him and public opinion even in the course of his outside Lebanon.

- Many will worry about General Michel Aoun, the Lebanese to contribute to this volume of rumors and hearsay as a result of a wave of rumors.

- The Cedar of Al-Kataeb and the Lebanese Forces, will be targeted by harmful arrows.

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Aquamelli said...

Interesting blog - just found it

As an American citizen and as a Lebanese/American, I completely agree with Hayek on his US predictions. The US is so full of joy that Bush is out that the expectations for Obama are set higher then any political figure has seen before. I agree that his inexperience will show and that he will do what he can to turn around this economy. Little do people know that his hand has very little to do with the economy and that its the lack of savings that's killing this country.

Interesting to see Hayek say "The announcement of the fate of a terrorist personality of the first order". There is a theory going around the arab communities here that Bin Laden is dead and has been dead for years. Bin Laden needed kidney dialysis - and if you know anybody that needs it, you will know they are at the hospital 3 times a week for hours getting their blood cleaned through a hemodialysis machine. Well to the surprise of some people, I dont think you will find one in a cave. So perhaps they will come out and say that he is dead or captured - that will elevate Obama's popularity and who knows after that.

For the record, I did not vote for Obama... I voted for Ron Paul.

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