Thursday, February 01, 2007

SHAME ON US - Pix from 23 & 25 Jan. 07

I have posted here only a few of the pictures I have received.
Shame on us for such behavior!!!

Funny though, it took a full week before these pix reached me. Usually my fellow spammers are a lot quicker in sending such emails. Maybe Lebanese are just reluctant and shamed in showing the rest of the world how utterly stupid and drone-like we have become... I know that I was very hesitant in posting these images myself. But in the end, I hope that when people see them they will snap out of this state of mindlessness and conscienceless hate and destructive behavior and realize that killing each other is NOT the answer!

(Click on the each picture to see a full sized image)



Anonymous said...

You have over 50% of the Lebanese population that have been alienated due unconstitutional behaviours, be it the flowed and unjust Syrian cooked electoral law or the unconstitutional dissolving of the Higher Magistrate Council and many others…. Now they could be wrong or right, this is not the issue. Again over 50% are disgruntled… We have to deal with this and if we decide to disregard… this is what happens. (A remainder: Charles de Gaulle fell in the streets of Paris, due to the famous riots of 1968)

Not all the people of France were with the sidestepping of De Gaulle, but never the less whatever part %30, %40, %50 or even %60 (I would easily say now, In Lebanon, the opposition here is a more than a %50, were as the riots of 68 in Paris were only done by the students and that is why they called them the riots of the students, anyway this is a detail) were disgruntled, when De Gaulle did not find a way to appease them he stepped down!

I am personally not necessarily calling for or that I am for the side stepping of Prime Minister Sanioura…But I strongly think that he is the one that has to come up or bring forward a solution and if he fails…well.. Then he has to do what De Gaulle did…! (Especially, that now we have a shit of a President…anyway after Ta2ef the President is a shit even if he is valid as a person)

YOU KNOW WHAT… They might even be disgruntled because they are delusioned-paranoiac-hallucinators! Wrong or right, this is not the issue.

Again over 50% are disgruntled… We have to deal with this and if we decide to disregard… THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS… !

These people will riot… and riots like the ones that happened in 1968 in Paris or any other place in Europe and especially the civilized parts of the world… Did infringe on many people basic rights of daily living… Nobody said that riots are nice and cosy!!!

SOME PEOPLE WOULD SAY “That would set a precedent which the current 'majority' will resort to when the opposition takes control, and it will become a vicious circle of elections – riots” -

This is usually the control mechanism in all democracies to restrain any majority from crushing the needs and rights of any part of the population in any civilized democracy! All humans are the same across the globe… the only difference between a civilized country and a Banana Republic is the System and the degree of responsibility the heads of states have to react to disgruntled masses and political movements, once they start constituting a hefty and considerable momentum like the one we have now in our country…Once this happens…the head of state either sidesteps or eventually he invites all to revisit the system…

The failure of the current ruling elite is that they got the country to a point that the disgruntled are so many and have lost hope and faith in the current setup!

We currently have a system that can only manage agreements…whenever there is a disagreement, the system just deadlocks!!!

Finally I would invite all to say SHAME ON THEM!!! Shame on the people that have decided to take the law into their own hands and go to the streets and confront the demonstrators! We have to remember that this vigilantly act is the one that lead to a civil war in the 1975…

I would like to leave you with these thoughts…
- No one likes to riot for the sake of rioting!
- All people are good on both sides!
- In 1975, all sides were right and good too!

Anonymous said...

عيب عالي بيعمل العيب

The logic that lumps together actions leading to the curtailing of the freedom of movement (burning of tiers) with actions leading to the curtailing of life itself (firing of live ammunition) is morally defective.

I hope and pray that you will never fall victim to such simplifications.

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