Thursday, November 23, 2006

We will survive! (personal comments)

What can one say to expression how emotional this day was?

Minister/Member of Parliament Pierre Amine Gemayel, son of former President Amine Gemayel, nephew of former slain President Bashir Gemayel, Grandson of Pierre Gemayel founder of the Kateab party (relevant previous post dated 24 Sept. 06 titled: Martyrs of Lebanon) was gunned down in broad daylight on 21/11/2006 by 3 unmasked men who rammed into his small KIA car and emptied their silenced machine guns in his body and in his bodyguard.

Pierre was only 34 years of age, married with 2 small children but he has already done so much for his country. His last action a few hours before his murder was to place a wreath on the grave of his Grandfather who also has done much for his country. The Gemayel family are the Lebanese equivalent of the US Kennedy family. A family of politicians who so far have offered up to 5 of their members as martyrs in the past 2 decades for a noble cause; and amongst those was former President Bashir Gemayel 18 months old daughter, Maya, who passed away in a car bomb destined for her father.

It is a sad day for Lebanon when a promising young politician who had the great potential to bring new blood into old and obsolete politicians is murdered in an attempt to bring down the Lebanese people yet again. But yet again, Lebanon has risen!! The blood of young Pierre has awaken the legendary 'Phoenix' and instead of achieving the desired effect the blood of young Pierre has infused oxygen in the smoldering hearts of the Lebanese as hundreds of thousands took to the streets to say farewell and "thank you"!

It is a sad day for Lebanon when unethical people will attempt to take advantage of the killing of a 6th prominent Lebanese politician to create further divisions within our ranks and to further dilute the true cause in petty differences and a war of words which will benefit no one except their own personal gain.

It is a sad day for Lebanon when the people start to carry flags of their political parties instead of the one and only flag of their country which was created by the blood of our ancestors and martyrs. Need I remind you Lebanese people that yesterday 22 Nov. was supposed to be the anniversary of our "Independence day"? Even the coffin of the late Pierre was shrouded with the flag of his political party instead of that of this country. What kind of a message this simple action sends? Are we not, as Lebanese living in the country of Lebanon, supposed to be united in the service of our country? or is it in the service of a political party?

It is a sad day for Lebanon when egoism reins and the human conscious is silenced, when our country is at the edge of a cliff leading to a human catastrophe and when Lebanon is in so grave a danger that it would require a miracle to save it. ALL politicians are puppets in the hands of an invisible puppeteer. ALL politicians have lost their conscious and are being manipulated to the advantage of a hidden plan and they, in turn, are manipulating the Lebanese public, making us dance to a tune not of our choosing but which we find very hard to resist as if hypnotised because we still hope that the 'savior' is amongst those old and obsolete politicians.

It is a sad day for Lebanon when the Lebanese people are unable to see the bigger picture and have not yet took the decision to say 'ENOUGH!', 'ENOUGH Manipulation, ENOUGH Lies, ENOUGH!'. When will we realize that we are not SHEEP and that we should NOT follow a so-called leader just because he is in a position of power. Talk, talk, talk! When will be the time to DO! Our generation of men and women are standing in lines at the doors of foreign embassies looking to LEAVE by droves! Who will rebuild this land? The land of our ancestors, the land that Jesus Christ himself walked and where he performed his first miracle in Cana when he turned water into wine (refer to my previous past dated 21 Sept. 2006 titled: Lebanon quoted in the Holy Bible). This 'Brain Drain' is wildly acknowledged by all and yet no one does anything to CLOG it!

It is a sad day for Lebanon when people insult each other on the streets and get into fist fights in their friends living rooms just because of the color of the clothes they are wearing. Are we color coded now? Have we sunk so low as to refer to ourselves by the color of the shirts we wear? Orange for Aoun, Green for Geagea, Blue for Hariri, Yellow for Nasrallah? Do we even notice that these colors refer to PEOPLE and NOT to a CAUSE?

It is a sad day indeed when the Lebanese are unable to see further than their own individual nose.


God forgive us all and God rest young Pierre's soul. He is in my prayers and I hope that his blood will not go to waste.

As the new Ghassan Rahbani song says: "wahdo el ghofran biyihmeh Libnan" (only forgiveness will save and protect Lebanon).

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