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From Discover Lebanon website

For the early authors of the Bible coming in from the desert, Lebanon was a paradise of forests and gardens, "of fabulous springs of water, a land flowing with milk and honey." Olive trees, plantains, orange-trees, vines, apple-trees, fig-trees, almond-trees, cherry-trees, strawberry plants, and great expanses of forests of evergreen oaks, larches, Mediterranean pines, and above all giant cedars celebrated by the poets: "To what shall I compare your greatness? Surely, to a cedar of Lebanon with noble branches, thickset needles and lofty trunk...It was the envy of every tree in Eden, in the garden of God" (Ezekiel XXXI).

"May I not go across and see this prosperous land beyond the Jordan, this prosperous country of hills, and Lebanon?" (Deuteronomy III, 25, Moses on Mount Nebo); "Come from Lebanon, my promised bride, come from Lebanon, come on your way" (Canticle of the Canticles).

Also visit their photo gallery. I especially like the pictures of Old Lebanon.

The site's main sections are:

1- A presentation of hundreds of different places in Lebanon shown in panoramic virtual views, such as Beirut down town, cities and villages of Lebanon, forests, Lebanon by night, Lebanon under the snow, historical sites, monuments, religious places, roads, old houses nestled in the mountains of Lebanon...
2- Photos Archive with thousands of photos around Lebanon
3- Tourism Directory with sub-sections such as Travel Services, Lodging, Dining, Entertainments
4- Panoramic posters on paper from Lebanon
5- Lebanese E-Cards
6- Lebanese Maps
7- Lebanese Forum where you can have your discussions
8- Lebanese chat room: Meet friends online from Lebanon
9- Lebanese weather forecast
10- Lebanon hotels booking reservation
11- Enjoy the flash animation by visiting this page

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