Friday, November 03, 2006

Grenade attack aimed to 'create mayhem'

Grenade attack aimed to 'create mayhem'
Daily Star staff

BEIRUT: Acting Interior Minister Ahmad Fatfat said Thursday that Wednesday night's attack on the Helou Barracks in Beirut was an "attempt to create mayhem inside the country and attack the Internal Security Forces for their role in keeping the peace." In a telephone interview with Tele Liban on Thursday, Fatfat said the incident was aimed at attacking all security forces "and not just me personally." "Investigations are under way and all security bodies are cooperating to investigate similar incidents that happened previously," he said.

A grenade was launched at the Helou police barracks in Corniche al-Mazraa on Wednesday evening, causing no casualties but damaging a major ISF building. Police barracks were also targeted by the same type of grenades in two other incidents in October. "The October incidents, in which the same kinds of weapons were used, show that the same group is behind these terrorist and criminal acts," Fatfat said. The minister added that the aim of the incidents "is to exploit the current political tension to undermine any chance of reaching an agreement during the consultation meetings [proposed by Speaker Nabih Berri] next week." "Security forces are not part of the political conflict. Their mission consists of protecting citizens," he said. "I hope the Lebanese don't resort to the streets because they know that none of the pending issues can be settled in the street," the minister added. - The Daily Star

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