Friday, September 15, 2006

Letter from Greenpeace

Dear Supporter,

The resilience of Lebanon inspires us. During the war, there was example after example of people helping each other and of humanity at work. During the fighting, we were glad to contribute by using the ‘Rainbow Warrior’ to deliver urgently needed medical supplies in five trips with Medecins Sans Frontiere.

After the fighting, we are focused on the impact of the war on the environment. The impact has been massive in Lebanon but has also affected the entire region. In past weeks, we have been assessing and communicating these impacts and have teams working on beaches and on the ground to help with the clean-up efforts.

Next week, we are bringing the ‘Rainbow Warrior’ back to Lebanon to help the international and national oil-spill recovery effort. It will help assess the extent of oil smothering the sea bottom and help in its removal. We also intend to find out how much the spill is affecting underwater life by working with biologists in Beirut.

Your continued support is not just essential to help the recovery of our coasts but it also is a great motivation to our office and volunteers. If you would like to get involved directly, we invite you to join us. Contact our office on 00961 1 755665 or sign up our web site and give us a hand.

Yours in peace,
Ahmet Bektas
Executive Director

Greenpeace Mediterranean

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