Wednesday, May 21, 2008

At Last! DT Beirut lives again!!

Oh Happy Day! :)
Hopefully things will get better from here on...

The tents are being dismantled as we speak and hundreds of people are crowding the area to watch along with many foreign press... Traffic jams on the streets as people have stopped their cars and got out to watch. Civil work in being done at the Presidential palace to "welcome" the newly "elected" President (no idea whats so urgent though) and technical and logistics preparations are being executed at the parlimant for the "elections" on Sunday...

So according to the news, the agreement was reached around midnight last night as follows:
- Siniora government resigns
- "Election" of the new President (on Sunday apparently)
- Dismantlement of the tents in DT (already started)
- Creation of a National Unity Government
- Session by Parliamant to approve the new Election Law to the election of parliamant members

One additional note, the Opposition has informed the Mayor and Governer of Beirut that they will rehabilitate the DT Riad el Solh square and return it to what it was before the sit-in. No idea how that translates to the businesses in that area though.

Cross fingers!

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