Friday, May 02, 2008

Almaza Beer

The ALMAZA Brewery was created in 1933 and is currently the only beer brewed in Lebanon.

ALMAZA is "Sharp, crisp, and to the point, with a faint hint of mustiness; adds comfortable zestiness to food and gains sweetness and coherence as meal progresses; this surprisingly refreshing brew comes in a minuscule 9.5 -ounce bottle- not enough to let you fully enjoy its tantalizing delights; delectable and light. Goes well with lightly flavored poultry dishes." [p. 39, Beer Lover's Rating Guide, over 1,200 beers]

Beer's origin dates from the beginning of civilization, most particularly, the Near-Oriental civilization. Painted scenes attesting the existence of fermented cereal base drinks were found in the Saqqara tombs of south Cairo, Egypt. It is amusing to note that Saqqara means "beer" in the antique Phoenician lexis.
(yeah yeah, i have to put Phoenicia somewhere, even in beers :P)

On a personal note, ALMAZA is really my favorite beer in world having traveled a bit everywhere in Europe, Far East and USA... but then again i am not such a big drinker so what do i know about beers? :P

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springfield said...

i served in lebanon with the irish unifil battalion on seven tours Almaza was the much prefered beer by irish troops due to its taste and no hangover the morning after it out sold any other beer product i wish they sold it in ireland.

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