Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Massaya's 10th anniversary festivities

Massaya Vineyards are organizing a series of 10 events to celebrate their 10th Anniversary... they start on Th. May 1st until Sat. May 10th...

10 days of festivities across the Bekaa, "Back to Bacchus":
Arak Workshop, Arak & wine book signing, Picnic at Massaya's vineyard,
Dinner & Oud recital in the gardens of Massaya Resthouse, Hike and tour of the Roman ruins in Niha Central Bekaa,Open Buffet at Massaya's Vineyard Restaurant, Showcase of 10 vintage Massaya wines at Massaya's Tasting Room, Yoga session in the Bekaa, Traditional Lebanese Dinner & Night at the Palmyra Hotel Baalbeck, Dinner, Oud & Nay recitals and Dabke in the gardens of the Resthouse...

Bookings are a must. Contact Massaya for reservation if interested to take part in any of the above:
+961 8510 135 or +961 3 735 795
services@massaya.com; coordinator@massaya.com

FYI :)

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