Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lebanon as a Holiday Destination!

Hello there!

I have been asked many questions with regard to Lebanon as a holiday destination and i am taking this opportunity to offer a bit of information to interested people:

Lebanon: The biblical “Land of Milk and Honey”
Located on the Mediterranean Sea!! (not in the middle east)
Bordered by Syria and Israel
Land area: 10,452 km2
Population: +4 millions
Subtropical Climate: Temp.: 23-30°C (Aug.), 11-17° C (Jan.)
Winter Ski Destination
The Capital Beirut: The City that Would Not Die
17 Religious Communities
Settlers: 10,000 BC onwards
: -Phoenician, -Assyrians, -Neo-Babylonians, -Persians, -Romain, -province of Syria, -Byzantine Empire, -Umayyad, -Abbasids, -Fatimid Dynasty, -Crusaders, -Ayyubids, -Mamelukes, -Ottoman Empire, -Turkish military rule, -French Rule (1918), -and more recently the Syrian occupation (no politics please!!)

Lebanon is pretty safe at the moment and the beach season is about to start!! ... like for example at Edde Sands:

Great nightlife, wonderful touristic sites (Baalbek, Byblos, Jeita, Tyre, Sidon,...), beautiful women and very friendly people! :)

Lebanese people are the same everywhere... what you see in Europe and other countries is what you see in Lebanon: We party, we drink - yes, alcohol ;), we go out to the beach in summer, we ski in winter, we have normal relationships although we are a bit more conservative than Europeans (but close to Italians) and we have a looooooot of friends :) we speak fluently 3 languages (Lebanese, French and English)... We even have a natural wonder which is the Jeita Grotto!!

Party scene includes: Gemmayzeh street where most of the pubs are located in Beirut, Music Hall, Crystal... Also the Batroun area in the north during the summer... Great pubs and clubs all around that last until the early hours of the morning and even better than in Europe if i may say so :) Great food: Lebanese, Japanese, Italian, French, Chinese, Tex-Mex ... :)

Description about our touristic sites can be found here:

Ministry of Tourism in Lebanon: for general news info...

I would appreciate if people who already visited my beloved country would come forward to offer their experiences / impressions to others who would like to visit but have apprehensions, misconseptions or fears of doing so... :)
Thanks a lot! :)

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