Friday, July 27, 2007

Lahoud rejects parcel from Israeli source in US

Lahoud rejects parcel from Israeli source in US
Daily Star staff

BEIRUT: An unidentified 10-kilogram parcel sent from the Israeli Projects Center in Washington arrived by post on Wednesday addressed to President Emile Lahoud at the Baabda Palace. A spokesperson for the Presidential Palace in Baabda told The Daily Star the palace had refused to take delivery of the parcel and the matter was now in the hands of the judiciary. "We did not ask to open the parcel, we refused to take delivery and asked the shipper to return it to the sender," the spokesperson said. "It is now up to the judiciary, which may order the parcel opened or may not."

The Presidential Palace issued a statement Wednesday regarding the incident and said it placed the matter before Lebanese, Arab and world public opinion, adding that such Israeli practices were not surprising. "This highlights the policy of lies that the Jewish state pursues in response to Lebanon's steadfast position with regards to the Israeli enemy, whose similar practices will not change," the statement said.

Military Investigating Magistrate Jean Fahd has opened an investigation into the case to determine who is behind mailing the parcel, a judicial source confirmed on Thursday. Fahd interviewed several employees at the mail-sorting center of Rafik Hariri International Airport, where the parcel was received, but Fahd declined to comment until the investigation into the matter is completed. - The Daily Star

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