Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Reasons behind the National Unity movement...

I have received many questions asking about the reasons for this mass demonstration when the foreign and some biased local medias are trying to minimize the situation and portrait the Leaders of this "National Unity" Movement as operating under the Syrian and Iranian thumbs.

Here is a brief explanation about some of the points that this movement demands as per the LFPM site:

"Because we believe that Lebanon is a nation for all Lebanese where equality and fair representation within political and governmental institutions is critical in a multi cultural country such as Lebanon

And since the current government led by Prime Minister Fouad Sanyoura lacks the adequate representation of all Lebanese sects as required by the Lebanese Constitution

We call for the resignation of PM Sanyoura's government and the formation of a new legitimate national unity government based on the criteria below:

- Fair and equal participation of all Lebanese confessional groups

- Platform based on national unity, reconciliation, and resolving main national issues

- Focus on putting forward a new and Fair election law

To Sign the Petition go to http://www.december1.org/ "

If you believe that these demands are legitimate please sign the petition and forward to your friends.

In other news, General Michel Aoun has ordered all his partisans and members of the LFPM to bring down all his pictures hung and plastered in the streets. Only in the LFPM offices and in private homes (if they so wish) are these pictures to be represented. This memo was issued and is effective as of yesterday 04 Dec. 2006.

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