Saturday, October 21, 2006

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Reconstruction Lebanon
on the road again

by Mr. Mohamad Rabih Chatila
ACW Magazine - Sept. issue

[...] in an interval of a 34-day war, the Israeli offensive on Lebanon has obliterated the ongoing past-war economical developement which had been expected to grow by 5 to 6% this year and brought it down to 0-3%.

The unwarranted shelling destroyed 94 roads and 77 bridges- rendering them unusable; more than 22 fuel and gas stations were bombed and 10 industrial factories lost.

Consequently, the value of indirect losees have exceeded the amount of direct loss (US$ 3-3.5 billion): roads, bridges and airports (US$ 386 million), power (US$ 180 million), Telecoms (US$ 85 million), water (US$74 million), Industry (US$180 million).

The Center for Economic Research in Beirut envisages that the repair and reconstruction expenditures will be around US$ 9.5 billion; the biggest cost will be to roads and birdges.

Finally, the public debt is estimated to read the US$ 42 billion by the end of the year. [...]

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