Friday, October 20, 2006

and another one...

I love its people, its energy, its unique beauty, I love so many small things.
I love many small parts of Ashrafieh, Monot, Abdel Wahab, Rue du Liban, Sursock, the trees that arc over the roads bringing shade and shading off rain, I love getting lost in it.
I love the Corniche at dusk and dawn, the magnificent Beirut sunset from anywhere, the AUB campus, Bliss street, Hamra street and the smell of falafel, shawarma and sweets, I love that you can be stuck in traffic at 3am somewhere..
I love how informal our darak are with us drivers sometimes.
I love the "everything goes" attitude.
I love how I hear three languages all the time and it's totally normal. e.g. "Maitre, le Hseb Please"
I love 'Zaatar W Zeit' after a heavy night of partying. Always finding a place to sit in that teeny place.
I love sitting at 'Casper & Gambini' overlooking the ancient Roman Ruins, I love Martyr Square, I love the churches and mosques scattered around the city.
I love how complex being Lebanese is.
I love how people ALL around the world keep telling me that someone they now or heard of or their parents has been to Lebanon and talks about its gorgeousness and amazing people.
I love the Mediterranean, and we will clean it!
I love our amazing cuisine, so proud of our HOMMOS and FALAFEL and MEZA and the world wide reputation of our food (people now refer to Arabic food as Lebanese
I love the world class rest, bars and night clubs we have. WOW. I love the old B-018... and the new one...and the Classic one too...
I love our new and upcoming Lebanese designers (clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry)... and their gorgeous little shops.
I love Sour, Saida, Jounieh, Tripoli, Baalbak, and Chouf…
I love the smell of the city after the rainfall, and the spring smell of gardenia... or the boys who sell you gardenia necklaces at traffic lights.
I love how we get wild flowers growing everywhere in sprint, red, white and yellow.
I love the energy of the people, their eternal optimism, faith in their city and country, resilience, passion, love, hospitality.
I love and will see you soon Beirut.

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