Monday, July 31, 2006

What 48 hrs ceasefire?

This morning we woke up to the news that Israel declared a 48hrs 'ceasefire' to allow for an investigation of the Qana massacre...

The humanitarian associations are currently doing their best to clear as much injured and bodies as humanly possible within this tiny timeframe. By doing so, more massacres are being uncovered: 26 here, 8 there, more elsewhere and even more still buried in the rubbles.

Areas are so completely destroyed that all anyone can see are piles over piles of concrete and holes so deep into the ground that a whole building can be buried within them!

But still, despite this alleged truce more news about further bombing comes in with yet more human casualties: A taxi cab was bomb, more Lebanese army posts, more arial attacks in the South, Qana is bombed again today, big fires caused by the bombs are burning complete areas, warplanes are intensifying their flights, land attacks, canon attacks... and the list goes on.

We also woke up to the news that the UN did not convict Israel for the Qana massacre because the US did not allow it. Although the Human Watch Rights is in fact holding it responsible.

Disappointment, frustration, abandonment, rage, helplessness....
But we thank God every moment for every moment.

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