Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A call for prayers...

In the name of love
For the sake of humanity

By Youmna Zod

I am writing this down today because I am still alive.

At this very moment, while you’re reading this, my country is being destroyed, devastated for a crime it did not commit. Stone by stone, brick by brick, Lebanon is being reduced to nothingness. Heart by heart they are killing us. What exists today, the Lebanon we love, won’t be the same tomorrow.

It’s with full awareness that I cry in despair, neither for the media to show the truth, nor for the politicians to get to their senses, and neither for the international community to exert pressure. I admit having signed every petition, participating in every poll, or forum that debated our situation for the sake of Lebanon.

I admit loving my country. I love it even more today, while it silently turns to ruins without raising an arm. I love Lebanon because the only thing it ever fought with was words and prayers. I love my country for it has survived without resorting to violence, despite the permanent aggressions.

I am aware that our plea is falling into deaf ears. I know that no one will listen, no one will believe, for no one wants to believe.

I call for a miracle.

I call upon you people of the world to pray, for there is no harm in praying. Pray for our dear Lebanon. No one knows the truth but the All-seeing, our God. If you are reluctant to believe the news, pray for the innocents, and He’d know who they are; pray for justice, and He’d know how to apply it.

I call for a miracle. I call for prayer for peace in Lebanon.

I call for a miracle and I ask you to have faith.

Let’s do our duties and may His will be done.

May His will be done.

Youmna Zod

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Anonymous said...

Bless you Youmna!
Well Said.

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