Friday, October 05, 2012

Who is Josiane El Zir? A brief Biography.


An artist for 13 years and it all started when she won the "Miss Nadine" Cover Girl title in 1999 at age 15.

TV Presenter, actress, singer and entertainer.

Currently presenting a new game show "Shakhsiye aw Ghenniye" which airs every Sunday night on LBCI and LBC Europe at 9:30pm Beirut time!

The multi-talented Josiane El Zir is known for her candid honesty and bluntness and her many unique fashion styles over the years.

Previous TV programs include:
-"Ya Leil ya Ain" with Mireille Mazraani on MBC
-"Ahla Alam" on al-Mustaqbal TV
-"Ovrira" on OTV
-"Ktir Salbe" on MTV (Murr TV)

مقدمة برامج قبل أن تكون ممثلة، تعلمت أصول الإلقاء والتقديم عند الاستاذ عمر الزين ليرحمه الله، ودرست في الجامعة السينما والإخراج. قدمت مع ميراي مزرعاني «ليل يا عين» و«ليالي دبي» وبرامج أخرى وهي ابنة الـ 16 عاما

As a side business, Josiane is co-owner of a boutique "Cravate et Corset" in Dekwane, Beirut.

Currently working on her first English music album. It will include 10 songs in English, all of which she wrote and composed as JEZZ . She released two songs from this album. The first is called "Under My Skin" and the second is "Sweet Talk to Me" and they are currently playing on the radio.

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