Friday, November 04, 2011

Y.A.N.A.'s Annual Christmas Braderie

Y.A.N.A. (You Are Not Alone) is pleased to announce that its annual Christmas Garage Sale "Braderie" will be held at the Y.A.N.A. (You Are Not Alone) | CongrĂ©gation des Coeurs Unis - CCU headquarters in Dekwaneh on 14-15 December 2011. 

For your donations to the Annual Christmas Braderie... please deliver items of interest to CCU bldg in Dekwaneh every Wednesdays and Thursdays: 
• Home and kitchen appliances
• Furniture
• CDs, books, toys, ...
• Christmas or other types of decoration, ...
• Fashion accessories: Colifichets, bags, scarfs, glasses, wallets, etc…
• Unused items of clothing 
• etc...
You can also HELP by inviting your friends to or
Address: CCU bldg, Dekwaneh, St. Joseph str., Beirut, Lebanon. 55205 Sin el Fil Tel / Fax: +961 1 691 115-,

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