Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Small Bear Big Heart: ABC Mall helps Children with Autism

Here is an article written on Beiruting.com: http://lifestyle.beiruting.com/2010/abc-small-bear-big-heart

"Let there be magic!

ABC has so many ways to give back this Christmas. This Christmas spread the season’s magical spirit with ABC! Open your heart, share the love and draw a smile to lighten up the world and give every child in need a falling star to keep in his heart.

And you can do this with us!

Buy a “Small Bear with a Big Heart” in any of the ABC branches, to help our tree grow bigger
and bigger for Christmas time and raise funds for a human cause.

You can support us online by playing the Teddy Bear game: http://www.smallbearbigheart.com/ Or you can join our official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/abc.officialpage

Give one minute of your time to children with autism with the light of hope! Write a wish, donate 1$ while playing the Teddy Bear game and get the best scores to win a special gift and help us build the Teddy Bears Christmas Tree.

“Humanity is all what we’re left with once we’re left with nothing”

ABC Team, with love "

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