Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Y.A.N.A. Garage Sale

Y.A.N.A. has the pleasure to announce the launch of its "GARAGE SALE" to profit people in need. For this purpose, we will endeavour to collect the following: Clothing (man, woman, child), kitchen equipment, toys, gift items, school books, furniture, etc...

It is imperative that these items are in GOOD SHAPE!

In addition we are looking to receive FOOD provisions to distribute to needy families for the Christmas season: Preserves, cooking oil, milk, cereals, rice, pasta, etc... (anything that cannot be spoiled, so please no fruits or vegetables)

Your esteemed assistance is important to make their Christmas a real holiday.

Thank you in advance!

Kindly deliver goods to the following address:

Congregation of Hearts United in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary
HQ: St. Joseph Street
CCU Building, Dekwaneh, Lebanon
PoBox: 55205 - Sin El Fil
Tel / Fax: +961 1 691 115

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