Sunday, June 08, 2008

Re- Submerging the Statue of Our Lady: Lebanon's Biggest Underwater Statue of Our Lady of Lebanon

Re- Submerging the Statue of Our Lady
Lebanon's Biggest Underwater Statue of Our Lady of Lebanon

On their wedding anniversary in 2005, a young Lebanese couple (Joumana and Kamal) submerged a statue of Our Virgin Lady Mary, facing the historical " Lady of the Seas church" on the coast of Batroun where they had gotten married. It was placed at a very nice drop-off at a depth of 39 meters (photos uploaded to the facebook group).

War and crisis hit the country and, as in every war, there are always looters, even at sea. The statue was stolen and sold off as an antique to a rich millionnaire. By pure chance (or maybe divine intervention), the couple got word of the theft and location of the statue about 1 week later.

The pirates were jailed and the statue was returned, only this time it will be submerged soon at a different location.

"Dive the Med Club" ( invites you to join hands in re-submerging Lebanon's biggest underwater statue of Our Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Lebanon.

None-diving friends are welcome to witness this event from the boat...

Places are limited. Please indicate number of people for reservations.

Kindly RSVP or reserve your spots on the following number 03119002 or by email to

Pricing as follows:
20$ for divers + $ 15 equipment rental
10 $ for non divers.

Divers, please be there 1hr in advance for logistics and equipment preparations. Non divers about 30mns in advance.

Plus multiple dives to the site are sceduled on the same day after the statue is submerged (about 2 additional dives). Please make reservations separately.

Kamal E. Greig
Club Director & Nitrox Instructor

Sunday, June 22, 2008
11:00am - 1:00pm
Safra Marina, Jounieh
+961 3 119 002

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