Wednesday, June 13, 2007

LBCI dismisses LF's 'unfounded, illegal' demands

LBCI dismisses LF's 'unfounded, illegal' demands
Daily Star staff

BEIRUT: Lebanese Broadcasting Corp. International (LBCI) does not have any "legal" association with the Lebanese Forces (LF), the television's board of directors said in a statement issued on Tuesday. A meeting of the LBCI board rejected the conditions set out in a memo previously sent by the LF to the station's management. The LF memo warned the LBCI board of directors against conducting any fiscal transactions or buying and selling shares without the previous consent of the LF. "The demands of the LF are unfounded and illegal," the LBCI statement said. "LBCI is not affiliated with the Lebanese Forces nor with any other political group in Lebanon, and the only person entitled to make or approve decisions concerning the station is the head of the board of directors of LBCI, Pierre Daher. The statement added that LBCI "did not have any legal or administrative affiliation with the LF."

Founded in August 1985, LBCI was the first private TV station in Lebanon. The channel launched satellite broadcasts in 1996, and it now has several channels covering the Middle East, Europe, North America and Australia. LBCI was originally the brainchild of President-elect and LF founder Bashir Gemayel, assassinated in 1982. In a speech shortly after he was released from 11 years of imprisonment, LF leader Samir Geagea said his party was planning to "reclaim" all of its properties that had been confiscated during the preceding years of Syrian tutelage. - The Daily Star

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