Monday, May 21, 2007

Lebanon: here we go again!!

Lebanon is making headlines again. Why is it that every summer we get hit anew? Every year Lebanon waits for the summer season to try to make up for previous losses with its great weather, hospitable people and magnificent joie-de-vivre. And this year is no different. I have heard from many of my friends all about their plans to come spend time in Lebanon this summer and we wake to this piece of news today... probably many if not all have already changed their minds :(

When will it end? For God's sake we need a break!!

The Government is blaming Syria. I am really not a fan of Syria but word on the streets is that militants in the north (said to be linked to Al Qaeda) have been funded and armed to create sunni arms in response to the shia's hizballah. The word on the street is that Lebanese sunnis will not hold arms and fight so yes, such militants have been created and grown as a possible retiliation. Of course, just like the US couldn't control Al Qaeda which in reality it helped create, these militants will be very hard if not impossible to control as well. Proof of the matter... these days events.

The only armed force in Lebanon should be the Lebanese Army. Any other party (of God or otherwise) is illegal and should eventually give out its arms. I realize that things are not so simple and to expect them to disarm is unrealistic at this point. But so is the idea that the government would resign. It is sad that instead of moving forward, we are moving backwards. Instead of one party being armed... now seem we have two (officially at least)... of apparently opposing camps. If the government resigns, the army would be incapacitated pending the formation of a new government (no?). I leave the rest to everyone's imagination.
We should ALL stand united behind our army and completely remove these terrorists from our land! We do not need permission from neighboring countries (since according to some treaty we are not allowed to enter Palestinian camps), we have the excuse! This needs a 'political decision' and every Lebanese leader should stand up and just make it happen!

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