Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Joke: How to make Lebanese HAPPY..

Walid Joumblat, Samir Geagea & Saad Hariri are flying on MEA.
Over Beirut, Hariri turns to Joumblat and says, chuckling,"You know, I could throw a 10.000$ bill right now and make someone very happy."
Joumblat shrugs and reply, "Well, I could throw ten of 1000$ out the window and make ten people happy."
Feeling that he was not considered, and still being intelligent after 11 years in prison, Geagea says: "Hell, I could throw a hundred 100$ bills and make a hundred people happy."
The pilot overhearing this, says to his co-pilot:*"Such arrogant asses back there.* *Hey, tell them I could throw them out the window, and make over 3 millions of people very very happy."


Kodder said...

hehe true :P

Anonymous said...

U forgot Aoun and Nasrallah in the pack. A bit biased don't you think?

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